Bottoms Up!

Well this week we are starting at the bottom and working our way up. I was able to template the entire floor with some cardboard. This template will be used to cut out the rigid insulation and the baltic birch, and eventually the vinyl flooring. The subfloor plan is to fill in the gaps between the flooring risers with 0.4″ baltic birch and put on top of that 1″ of rigid insulation foam board followed by 1/2″ baltic birch ply.

I was able to just get started gluing down the ply strips before I had to take it into Houston to drop it off at Gulf Coast Conversions so that they could install the lift kit. The lift kit is made by Van Compass and is called the Topo 2.0. This is the only kit that works with this van, it being the AWD version, and Gulf Coast Conversions is the only installer in Texas.

I was also able to start to pull together the electric system and get it out on the bench. That way I can start to wire it up and do a bunch of testing before I create the support structure to hold it all together when it is mounted over the wheel well.

Oh yeah, I also finally received my other toilet and was able to make a decision on which one to install. The Airhead wins, hands down, er should I say, seats down. The other one is called a Laveo Dry Flush and you can check out this video on how it works, quite unique.

Thats about it for this week. Lots of springtime cleanup around the house and a skunk under the shed in the back keeping me busy too.

2 thoughts on “Bottoms Up!

  1. Wow. That toilet is the sh*t! Literally. Whew. $1000! OK…gotta have the best. Well worth it. Guessing it doesn’t smell, which is worth it’s weight. I watched the video that followed your link with a couple using it in their tiny home. Got the whole empty and reload process. Not too bad. $16 for a refill bag they said and it’s good for 15-17 sessions. Floor looking great. Maybe come look this week? Or are you gone? Can’t remember. Keep up the great work and thanks for letting us watch! w.

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    1. It is! Gives a new meaning to sh*tting in tall cotton doesnt it? lol. Yeah, the other one is more convenient but the Airhead is higher quality and is more eco friendly. I am on a eco kick these days. Made a commitment to myself after watching a few documentaries on how we are trashing the planet. The van is off at the upfitters this week. Lets try next week…


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