Water to the Left, Electric to the Right

Sometimes the progress for the week seem remarkably little, yet are remarkably important. This week was such a week. After looking over the two options I shared last week I came to the decision point to put the water tank on the left and the electronics assembly on the right. Mainly this is driven by the fact that the water tank really needs to be on the same side as the sink. And also that the electric and the water need to be on opposite sides so that their weight balances out each other. This decision was mainly based on it left me the most flexibility in design as I move forward. Being an “army of one”, as the old commercial used to put it, I have to work my way through this design one major decision at a time.

Also, my buddy Tom came by for a design review on Friday. He would never brag on himself, but I will. He is a grad of MIT and Stanford engineering and design schools, he did some of the earliest work on the computer mouse at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and his Apple and Dell teams were responsible for some of the most innovative designs in laptop computers. What a privilege it was. It was a brilliant review and I am so very grateful for his help. More good things are on the way…

Water on the Left, Electric on the Right

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