Who Shops on Sunday?

 Well, I can guarantee you nobody in Geneva shops on a Sunday.  All the stores are closed, all the museums are closed, the shopping areas are ghost towns.  So what do they do here on Sundays? They just take time to relax, they go to farmers markets, they go to church, and take a nice refreshing dip in they’re cool beautiful lake.  So that is what we did. Grant showed up and what a blessed relief that is. Now I have somebody to talk to. Hallelujah!  So Grant and I did what all Genavoans do, we just related and had a great time walking around the beautiful city and cooling off in the afternoon with a nice refreshing dip. Wouldn’t it be great if all the stores were closed on Sunday across the world, people would just take time to be with each other and connect. Seems like that was the way used to be. I guess something changed…

alas bucherer’s was closed
the flower clock is where the first clock making was done in Geneva
the tomatoe fair
old tractors were part of the faie
yes they really do this here and they sound nice
tons of frah produce
grant and i both agree that Austin need a few of these
roast pig had a long line
tent to eat in
making cheese
melon carving demo had the kids crowded around
inside the cathedral
from atop the cathedral
the ‘beach’ was packed

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