A Spiritual Experience in the Material World

 I want to start out by saying that I grew up at an environment where money was used to express how much better people were than others.  Wealth was used as a way to say that I have something you can’t have. And I must say I never liked that very much. So for me, when I walk into a store that has such monetary wealth in it I feel lesser than, and I’m not very comfortable.  So my goal in walking into the Rolex store in Lucerne was just to try on a watch it to get the hell out of there.

As I mentioned in an earlier post my dad had a Rolex watch and for me that was one of the coolest things I had ever seen, as a youngster that is. Fast forward to the day I had graduated with my masters degree in mechanical engineering and my dad had arranged for all my brothers and cousins to chip in and buy me a Rolex as a graduation present. He had it inscribed on the back with all their initials and a loving statement.  that was one of the most meaningful and long-lasting presents I’ve ever received. Sadly that watch was stolen a couple years back during a break in at my house.  I got the insurance money and put it into a savings account waiting for the day it would be right to replace it. 

As I was saying, I went into Bucherer’s in Lucerne just a try on a Rolex. Imagine four floors of nothing but expensive watches. I kept looking for the display case of the Rolex’s when I looked up and realized they had a whole room dedicated to them. I walked in and walked up to the first display case that I saw and the second watch that caught my eye I asked to try on. There, check that one off the list I had done what I said I was going to do. But then something funny happened, this warm and comforting feeling came over me, and I got a bit teary, and realized that watch had in it several of the features dad’s watched had, yet at the same time it felt like it was all me. The model name was Explorer and that’s me!  And most of all it just fit perfectly and felt, well, perfect. Now I’m the one that shops forever for something until he finds the perfect thing, found myself saying “I’ll take it” to the lady behind the counter. I swear those didn’t feel like my words, it just felt other worldly. She ushered me over to a fitting booth and a very dapper and polite Scotish gentleman fit the watch and explained every aspect of the watch and why I had made a good decision. I fought back tears, and walked out of there on the proverbial cloud nine. 

I guess I never made the connection that material things can be spiritual as well. Now that I sit back and think about this, I realize that we all must have things that connect us with our spiritual self. Mine just happens to be a watch that connects me with my past, the part of my past that I treasure. Maybe yours is something like that too, or maybe it’s something in nature you see. In any case, I just want to express my gratitude for having such things in this world, they sure help make this human experience a little more worthwhile. 

Peace, and as always thanks for coming along for the ride!

the rolex room
i thought i was taking a picture to remind me of which one i liked

spiritually material

8 thoughts on “A Spiritual Experience in the Material World

  1. Thanks for the ride on the Rolex train buddy, very cool how connected and open you were in it to follow the path of your spiritual life in the material world. Gorgeous watch and suited for your shiny explorer mind just saying💥🌀🌈


  2. How interesting. The watch you pictured, one of the most un rolexes of all rolexes is the one I own. Designed in the 50’s for the ascent on Everest. Very much a different vibe from the prestige watches of today. thanks for the tour.


    1. That is so much who we are and is in no small part why we are such great friends! We are the un Rolex, Rolex brothers. I think that is one of the reasons I connected with it, now that u put it so well. Thanks for sharing. Peace brotha.


  3. “I guess I never made the connection that material things can be spiritual as well.”

    Absolutely. It is not the “material” in them that we appreciate, but the “spiritual.” One of them for me is a Pre ’64 Model 70 Winchester. I am not a collector. One is sufficient. But I REALLY wanted that one! It represents a lot of things to me.

    Have you considered having the new watch engraved similarly to the stolen one? I would seriously consider doing that. I think it might make it even better.

    We need to have a beer soon. I have a Switzerland story for you.


    1. Thanks for the note Don. I thing that getting this engraved is a marvelous idea. Will start thinking of what that message can be. That would be great to get together and share stories. Peace bro and thanks again!


  4. Loved reading about this and the connections that it reawakened for you.

    It got me to thinking that there’s also a connection between your recent quest as a fine woodworker and your appreciating the craftsmanship of the Rolex, both as a child and now. I think there is spiritual beauty that connects us with the designers and craftsmen who create beautiful and well-made things, and with the striving to create and reach the best in ourselves.

    I’ll share my own experience with that, as maybe it’s relevant. About 20 years ago I was having to commute quite a long distance and spend time in my car far too much, I decided I should get myself something that I really liked so that I could at least enjoy the time I was wasting in the car; I got one of those big Lexus LS sedans. It was made like a jewel box… everything about it was just perfectly located, falling to hand, exactly where you would expect it to be, perfectly weighted, and working with a zen-like perfection. What I found after a very short time is that it put me in a very mindful place every day as I drove to work and appreciated what they had created. It actually carried over into my work day and informed and inspired my own work every day. I think my software was better and more cleanly designed and implemented, because of that daily inspiration. And I also felt gratitude every day to the men and women that designed that car and to the workers who so carefully assembled it. Anyway… FWIW!

    Take care, thanks for sharing, and happy trails!


    1. Awesome story and great parallels with the craftsman piece. I hadn’t thought of that. I hope all in your world is well. It was nice hearing from you in a meaningful way. Peace and love brother.


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