Bern Baby Bern

Bern was founded in 1191 and joined the Swiss Confederation in 1353. Among other things it’s a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and it is where Einstein came up with his famous equation E=MC^2. Needless to say it has ALOT of history. So I started out at the Swiss Museum of History and  followed that with the Einstein Museum.  The History Museum was amazing, if you ever wanted to know how a small country ended up in the middle of Europe like this, it explains it perfectly.  It sheds light on why Switzerland is historically neutral among many other things. The Einstein museum followed suit by really putting his life in perspective. He was elected as Time magazine’s person of the century and it is obvious why after seeing this place. They did an excellent job of explaining his theories as well as the personal side of his beliefs and his deep seeded desire for peace and a world free of conflict. After that I capped it off with a long walk and a traditional Swiss dinner of rosti, western style of course. All in all I would rate Bern as a ‘must see’ for anybody swinging through Switzerland.

swiss graffiti
more Swiss graffiti
train station in Bern
The casino
The old and the new
The history and Einstein museum
overlook of the old town of Bern
there is no Swiss town without a clock
The center of old town
chocolate fun
more chocolate fun
dinner time

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