So Lucerne his a historical town in Switzerland. It’s main feature is a wall and nine towers built back starting in the 1400s. It’s old town is filled with restaurants, shops, and tourists from all over the world. There are endless sidewalk cafés and restaurants beckoning.   A mix of French, German and English is spoken here, but it is officially in the German side of Switzerland. Talking about a split personality. Three languages are spoken fluidly here. I am never quite sure if I should say danke, merci or thank you. But I can tell you I am grateful in all three languages to be in such a fine place. Enjoy the pictures for the day!

The trains do run like Swiss clockwork


Old town


The famous covered bridge


Home sweet home for the night


Many old towers to climb


cool clean waters


hmmmm chocolate anyone


ancient clocks in the tower


it’s hard to see the size of this in this picture, quite a mournful carving, dedicated to the Swiss guard


  1. Thanks for the virtual tag along I enjoyed being in Switzerland with you. I think I’m ready to have a virtual Swiss chocolate fountain in my ESP if TA know what I mean…..



    1. Yes I do! Glad ur along buddy. Got me a Rolex today. A totally spiritual experience in the material world. Will post soon. Love u bud!



  2. beautiful town just like i remember from last summer. have fun.



    1. Yes it is Tom. I just hit Bern and the history museum was awesome. Thanks for the note!



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