Cagliari, We’re Here

The flight out of Stansted Airport was a schooling in how to move people by air. I bet they can process more people per minute than anywhere I have been. We are talking automated tray feeders, twelve security lines, and automated boarding pass verification. Very impressive. We Americans can learn from these guys.

Well I  made it in time to provision, and meet the owners.  Ben and I went into town for lunch and had mussels and sea bass.  There is one little cafe after the next.  Plenty left to try during our short say. Now Tom and Alden just arrived so we are all here and ready for dinner with the owners in an hour.

So what’s in store?  World class auto rally races on Sardinia, volcano hikes on Sicily and visiting the old stomping grounds of Odysseus.  Sounds fun. I hope to be able to post every couple days as Internet allows. You can follow along on this web site.  It shows the boat and its location.  Just press on the button to show the live location.  Arrivaderci for now.


The boats name is the Bontekoning

2 thoughts on “Cagliari, We’re Here

  1. And the adventure continues thanks for taking us all along for the ride……
    Peace to all your traveling companions


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