Getting in the Groove

Well yesterday did not disappoint.  We were kept moving from the minute we hit the school till the last wood chip was swept up at the end of the day.  We worked on the bottom structure for the most part.  I started out by doing the glue up on my top.  How cool was that!  I had always heard that glue ups were so stressful, but not really.  The tips we learned kept it moving along nicely. Then we proceeded to mark and cut different aspects of the stretchers on the bottom structure the rest of the day.  I had a chance to get to know the instructor, Mike, at lunch.  He and I hit it off and talked about everything from backpacking to how to be zen and work the wood.  In the afternoon we did a bunch more cutting, mortising, and bench work.  Here are the pics.  Enjoy, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.  Peace.

Hayrake 2-2
They showed us this neat trick to use black epoxy to fix any holes in the wood. It blends right in after you finish it.
Hayrake 2-3
Mike giving us a talk. He is a great teacher. He never shortcuts a question.
Hayrake 2-4
We learn the importance of story sticks.
Hayrake 2-5
The sticks have markings and we use them to transfer onto our stock.
Hayrake 2-6
This is what it is suppose to look like.
Hayrake 2-7
I took copious notes. He showed us a way to mark them so that we could keep them in the right order and cut on the right sides.
Hayrake 2-8
Cuttng the cheek on the legs with the band saw. Never knew there were more than one kind of cheeks.
Hayrake 2-9
One of my classmates, Philip, cutting the champher on one of the legs. Philip is a pro, he is always leading the pack.
Hayrake 2-10
Mike cutting a tenon on one of the stretchers. Philip and Tom in the background.
Hayrake 2-11
Voala! Progress for the day. Seven different operations on 10 different parts. It is starting to take shape!


3 thoughts on “Getting in the Groove

  1. Awww man….looks like such a BLAST!!! And it’s gonna be a beaut, Dave-O. Love the style. What are the dimensions on the top? Love that curved piece that braces it from below. Looks so creative and cool. What kind of wood are you workin’ with? Catch up witcha later, bro. Keep up the awesome work!!! ~ Wes


    1. Thanks Wes! Dims on the top is 36 by 72, inches that is. Cherry all the way. You will be one of the first I have over to enjoy a meal on this nice piece. Love you bro!


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