The Hills Just Keep on Rollin

Well, today was another day of rolling hills. The sun came out early today and we a beeeeauuuutiful fall day. We took alot of pictures this morning because the sun was so gorgeous. There is something about the plains and the stark, silent beauty that it portrays. I have come to get to know Ricardo pretty well. And he has this look. It is hard to describe. But it is the same kinda look somebody has when they have to do something and they kinda shrug their shoulders and smile a crinkly little grin. And I get this look at random times. It is basically when he pulls out his camera to start some shooting. It might take ten minutes, it might take a half an hour. But when he sees a shot, we have to stop. After all, we are here to do a film. I have learned to just pull out my camera and take some shots too. Today I got some good shots thanks to him.

Today we walked 24km and only hit one town before we got to our destination. The town we are staying in tonight is Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos. It is a nice quiet town. I am staying at a casa rural with a very nice little restaurant in it. Dinner starts at 7:30 and I plan to be there on time. 🙂

The tres amigos in shadow
Simplicity to the core
I live this guy, he had a Minnie Mouse on his pack
Sahagún, nearby were some heavenly pastries
On the way out of town
I got the look here
The Masta at work
A funny little Camino character

5 thoughts on “The Hills Just Keep on Rollin

  1. you are getting deeper into your soul everyday brother…..those pics are awesome and I ;picture myself walking down those roads…..sometimes just hearing my footsteps and my breath…..nice… you bro….following your steps….


  2. I really do enjoy the pictures. Every day I have a new computer screen background. People from the office stop by just see what is new on the computer screen and talk about your travels.


  3. Slowing down for all of us is oh so good thanks for leading the way, camino Dave, as you are now known in many parts of the world. FYI I will also be highlighting your blog and travels as a part of my “Just what is a Passion” community education seminar Thursday night. Love you brother.


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