Mi Amigo

Well, I hesitate to call things my friend, but when it comes to backpacking I make a small exception. You see, I have chosen everything in this pack with a lot of care and forethought because it is all I plan to use and carry for the next six weeks. I have taken a few pictures and have included Camino Trip Prep Gear List so those gear heads out the can see what is in my kit. I have put things in, I have taken things out, and I have put them back in again. I really do need to stop packing and get going. So for now, lets just say I can probably carry less, but I will start out with this and see what I toss long the way.

11 thoughts on “Mi Amigo

  1. This is a good metaphor for my life. I put a lot of thought into what is important enough to hold onto in my life. I question how much I can carry, how much stuff I actually need vs how much I want. And, I try my best to let go of the weight of resentment and fear so I can enjoy road I am on. Safe Travels Dave!


  2. May all the guides and spirits of the camino guide you safely on your travels. Remember the pack is only as important as the person who’s back it is on! J


  3. Brother you are on your journey….this is so cool….and I can relate…..your backpack is like my CD…..how many times must I do my version of……packing repacking packing….godspeed brother and I will be following you…..love you


  4. Hello Dave,

    On your packing list there is no sleeping bag, quilt, blankie or even a sheet. Are you just trusting there will always be a blanket for you? Is there anything that you wish you had along that you don’t, or have with you that you’re finding you never use?

    My friend and I will be walking the Camino next year at the very same time you’re walking it this year! So we’re following your travelogue closely. The pictures are truly inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Prayers for a good journey,

    We’ll probably be walking with Kumo’s. I may use my Mariposa, but would really prefer to carry the lighter pack and not be tempted with all the space in the Mariposa!


    1. Thanks for your note Caroline. This is a great time o year to do this. There is little problems with the alburgues being full I don’t have a sleeping bag with me but I am staying at Hostels and Hotels. If you plan to stay in alburgues I would definitely bring a sleeping bag. You will need one. But you won’t need a pillow. When I do this again I will definitely go with the albergues. I was afraid of the snoring but I am way too tired at the end of the day to not sleep well. You get more of a sense of community with the albergues. As far as things not to bring, the less the better. I am happy with my kit as it is. It is getting cold already so don’t skimp on the warmies. It is a trip worth doing. Feel free to ask questions in the future. Peace.


  5. Hi Dave,

    I tried to post something but it doesn’t look like it worked so I’ll try again. A friend and I are walking the Camino next year during the same dates you’re walking it now! I was looking at your gear list and noticed you don’t have any sort of sleeping bag, blanket or even a sheet. Did you forget to list it or are you trusting there will always be a blanket available to you? Are there any things you brought with you that you’re just not using, or anything you wish you’d brought along?

    Your journal entries and photos are such an inspiration. Thanks for much for sharing.

    Prayers and blessings on your journey,


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