My Travel Angel

Not all that long ago I began to be open to the idea that there are angels on this earth that walk around in human form. They tend to show up for me at odd times and they bring me gifts of some sort or another. My work is to be open to seeing them so they don’t just pass me by. Well one such angel showed up for me two weeks ago.

His name is Ricardo and I have known him for about three years, I just didn’t know he was an angel for me until very recently. He called me up and said he needed some advice on gear for an upcoming trip. When he came over, in about five minutes, we discovered that we were going to walk the Camino at exactly the same time! He had just finished his degree in film at UT and was going to sell his car and most his possessions and just travel, to clear his head and see what is next for him in life. The only issue was that he had no idea how to get there and didn’t have money for the flight over.

Well, the synchronicity of this was too much for me. We in short order worked out a deal. I would buy him his flight over on some miles I have had forever, and he would in turn make a film for me of my choice. So now, I have a really cool travel companion and the opportunity to make a short documentary. I couldn’t have planned this any better. God continues to do for me what I cannot do for myself. Thank you God for putting Ricardo in my path.

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