Envy in Austin

I have been doing alot of walking in Austin lately to get ready for the Camino. For the most part I have been walking through the old neighborhoods because I like to see the houses and admire their architecture. I often take pictures of them with the hope that one day I can use a detail in some project I might do. I really like the bungalow style houses in old south and central Austin. I have included a few pictures of the ones that I particularly liked.

However, it has been really punching my buttons lately. You see, I have this little envy problem. I see things I want, like cool houses, and I start thinking of how neat it would be to own one. I go through the mental exercise of what it would take and if I could afford it. If i can afford it, then i think of how much better it would make me feel to have it. If i can't afford it then I feel lesser than. This just seems like another way for me to take my mind off the present moment so I am just calling myself out here. So as I head off to my long walk I have something to ponder. Why would I want another house, when I already have a really nice one? I am hoping the answer lies on the Camino somewhere.


4 thoughts on “Envy in Austin

  1. Looking to buy a house myself, I completely get this post. I really like your current house – and in fact, it was shortly after visiting you one day that I started looking to buy. Not sure how much causation there was, but realizing that there are some cool neighborhoods in Austin like yours sure helped motivate me.


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