Training Walks

I have been getting out and doing some training walks. I started out dong this several months ago when I read that it might be a good idea to get my body in shape prior to actually getting on the Camino. What a concept! I never imagined getting out and walking for ten or fifteen miles around town. The farthest I had ever walked or run was about 3 miles, 5 miles on a long day. I just figured I had to be on the Camino to do more.

So I got out Google maps and started to map out what a loop that big looked like and started walking it once or twice a week. Initially the day after a walk I would hobble about like somebody had stomped on my feet with their construction boots. Eventually it got better and I am up to walking the full distance with a full backpack and even enjoying it.

Lately I have been walking in the Barton Hills neighborhood and I ran across this really funky mailbox. It is amazing what you slow down and take notice. Look for future posts on some interesting sights around Austin.

2 thoughts on “Training Walks

  1. Keep up the good training, Make sure to add some hills – the first day of the Camino de Santiago is stunning, but in all the adventures I have done around the world, nothing prepared me for the humbling Pyrenees!


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