So Lucerne his a historical town in Switzerland. It’s main feature is a wall and nine towers built back starting in the 1400s. It’s old town is filled with restaurants, shops, and tourists from all over the world. There are endless sidewalk cafés and restaurants beckoning.   A mix of French, German and English is spoken … More Lucerne 

Timeless Geneva

This is my get to know Switzerland quick plan. I have landed in Geneva and spent today walking around, tomorrow I am hitting Lucerne and then Bern for a day. Then back to Geneva to meet up with my buddy Grant

My New Little Buddy 

You might call me anal, you might call me obsessive, you might even call me totally obsessed and you would be right on all fronts. I have been blessed with the ability to travel and to continue to refine my travel kit along the way.  So now we are at Camino 2.0 level.