My New Little Buddy 

You might call me anal, you might call me obsessive, you might even call me totally obsessed and you would be right on all fronts. I have been blessed with the ability to travel and to continue to refine my travel kit along the way.  So now we are at Camino 2.0 level. I have ditched the iPad, I have ditched the extra camera, I have cut down on the clothes list, I have refined the ditty list and I have reduced the pack size.
I am sporting Gossamer Gear’s new, and highly cool Pilgrim model. It is an improved Kumo with sewn in waist belt with integrated pockets and a roll top closure. It has their new fabric that I personally believe is their strongest ever. I am in backpack heaven! So here it is, my new little buddy along with some pics of what is in it. Tour du Mont Blanc here we come!!  I travel to share the world with my friends so I hope you all come along for the ride. 

overall contents
dittie kit
first aid kit

3 thoughts on “My New Little Buddy 

    1. Part of this trip is a walk. Tour du Mont Blanc is part of the itinerary. The rest of it is walking around mainly urban environments and a trade show. I’m hoping to do the Camino again next year. The reference to the Camino was more along the contents of the pack. I hope things are well with you, thanks for checking in.


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