Sarria – I Walk Slowly

So anybody that has tried to keep up with me at an airport knows I don't walk all that slowly. I usually hurry up and wait. I find that a strange thing is happening to me on the Camino. I am walking slower and slower. It seems like I am losing that part of me that is in a hurry. Thank God! I am finding that even in the rain now I just want to take it easy. No sense in hurrying. Where ever I am headed will be there when I get there. The easier I take it, the easier it is. I am really loving it.

Well today we made it to Sarria. This is kind of a milestone because we now only have 100 km to go. Less than a month ago that sounded like a long way to go but now it sounds like a walk in the park. Even more reason to take it slowly. So I can savor every bit of it.

Today was another rainy day but I managed to get a few shots. Enjoy!


Pilgrim dinner last night

Th colors today were deep and rich
We walked down green tunnels alot
Slate buildings with slate roofs

Classic Galician cart



7 thoughts on “Sarria – I Walk Slowly

  1. Ahhh….love it, love it, love it! Thanks my brother. So glad to hear of the slowwwww dowwwwwwwnnnn going on. I hear ya. seems like that’s what the Camino teaches one, huh? powerful life stuff. what a deal…you’re a lucky son of a gun! Trudge on!


  2. Your posts have become a wonderful part of my day…..Rosa Maria usually starts of our conversation with a comment about your trip that she read in your blog….. So grateful that you’re taking te time each day to write. Peace… C


  3. Slow is good for you and and all of us my dear friend camino Dave, relishing in each moment is really the best it gets, so happy for you.


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