O’Cebreiro – Strong Finish

So today is supposed to be one of the toughest days on the Camino. It starts out pretty flat but has a magnificently steep finish on the last 7km. For the most part it was a very pleasant day. We had rain on and off but it was mild and I had my umbrella. We hit the uphill portions and i was powering through it. I was feeling pretty good and pretty smug. And then… When we were a measly 4 km from the top when we cleared tree line and a storm blew in. The winds kicked up and the rain started to 'fall' sideways. I mean it was making my umbrella look anemic. I finally just had to fold it up and walk in the freaking freezing cold pouring rain of a windstorm. After the smug was washed clean off me, I stumbled into the lobby of my hotel half frozen and totally soaked inside and out. I am so glad I had a roof and a good meal waiting. Thank God! I love my new digs, even if they are only for a night.

Walking in the huge chestnut trees
Love that couple
Our happy Spongebob
Old meets new

Hiking up the first half, little did I know what is coming
Just before the storm blew in


5 thoughts on “O’Cebreiro – Strong Finish

  1. unbelievable pics. just unbelievable country. wow. I felt c-c-c-cold when you described what happened at the top of that mountain! What do we say, “better you than me” in that moment??!!! Much love, my brother…


  2. Smug always calls upon the gods to clean up that perspective back into the humble nature of mortality in this human body of ours. And yes the creature comforts are always a welcome ahhhh to our lives~James


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