Don’t Touch the Fruit

So last night I was a buying some supplies for the day. I was having a hard time deciding what to buy and I was testing the fruit for ripeness. I had been in the store for about 5 or 10 minutes when the lady that ran the store started yelling at me. I mean she dressed me down in proper Castillian Spanish for what seemed like a few hours but was probably a minute. I could not understand what she was saying but I made out I wasn’t supposed to touch the fruit. Then she started to point out the sign, in English, that said Don’t Touch the Fruit. If you know me, I dont really pay much attention to things at times. Well I let her have her say, when she paused, I said I was sorry in Spanish, then I got another couple of barrels on how that just wasn’t going to cut it. Oh well, I went to Mass and prayed for her fruit. That was about all I could do. I certainly will never visit a fruit stand evernagain without looking for signs.

Today we started out in the rain with a bit of worry. It was to be our longest day yet at 28km. But once we got going we realized it wasn’t all that bad. Within about an hour the rain had let up and after a couple of hours the day had turned to a cool breezy fall day. Really nice. The first town we went through had one of those octagonal temples that date back to the Knights Templar. Their charter was to guard the pilgrims. Then we headed out into the country for a while and passed through Viana which was a really cool little town with a medieval design and a gothic cathedral in the central plaza. We then huffed it over another 6 or miles and made it into Logroño. A bustling university town with a medieval old town in the middle of it. It is quite nice and I made it to the nicest hotel I have been to yet. It has a huge twin towered gothic style cathedral. I can’t wait to check it out.

Peter, Natalie, and Richard
Walking into first town
Coffe and croissants
Church dating to Knights Templar
Love the colors and textures
Olive trees were symmetrical today
The sun came out, laaaa!
Square in Viana
More cool stone work
Clouds wer ominous into Logroño
This cathedral is huge!
Home sweet home for the night

11 thoughts on “Don’t Touch the Fruit

  1. Dave,
    I have been thoroughly enjoying your travels, but haven’t yet commented. Thought I’d check in and say hello this morning. Thank you for sharing your journeys and your thoughts.


  2. My spirit continues to go with you as I long for the day I will walk this way in all the beauty of centuries of memories surrounding me. The pilgrim you are becoming is wearing well on you and certainly I enjoyed the story of don’t touch the fruit, as we humans are such protective beings over our possessions. And yes the attention to details sometimes seems very important to others to play by the rules and I suppose touching with your eyes only will work next time ; ). As I continue to “long for” in your tales of the camino my prayers are with you and all pilgrims on the trail today. James “Uri” Ochoa


    1. Thanks my friend. Yes the details are important for those around us and are to be respected. A work in progress for me. Thanks for your kind words and the Camino rolls on. Peace.


  3. hey brother….reminds me when we went to Jamaica for the first time and we were going through the market and I picked up something I was not suppose to and this lady just went off on my rasta style….and I was scared to death…..who knows….great story though….

    Love your blogs and pics….really feel the journey with you…..keep truckin….love you….


  4. Just fantastic Dave- Richard C- fondling of fruit in the HEB will never be the same. Fruit Nazi’s everywhere.


  5. how’s your equipment, clothes holding out? I’m willing to send anything you may need. that stonework in Viana is some of my favorite of your pics and the bridges over the water crossings. May you avoid any blisters:-)


    1. Thanks my friend for the offer. All is holding up fine. The less the better is the rule of the day. I appreciate the note and stay tuned as this adventure continues on. I can feel your love and care and it is appreciated. Peace.


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