I Want This

So as I was walking along today, I began to think of the repetitive nature of the trip. We get up, we walk in a story book setting all day. We find a place to stay. Get a simple meal and then we wake up and do this over and over again. Will I begin to get tired of this I wonder? Do I really want to go all the way? I no longer thought that when up from my gut came a response that sent chills down my spine and tears welled up in my eyes. I heard “I WANT THIS” in voice loud and clear. It was pretty cool. I must say I hope we are all blessed to hear these words when we wake up in the morning or when we wonder if we are doing the right thing. I hope and pray I keep hearing that voice every day for the rest of my life.

Today was our first easy day. We started off by going by the post office in Estella and putting 10lb of Ricardo’s stuff in a box to Burgos. He was so excited to get his pack lighter. We cruised all day. Our first stop was in this amazing monastery that pictures don’t do justice. It is famous because it is a winery and they have spigots outside that dispense free wine. Both Ricardo and I passed on the wine but enjoyed the idea for sure. We stopped and said our prayers in the monetary. Then it was off to the forrest to walk through the old Camino. A very quiet and peaceful hike. We cruised past an amazing castle on a hill and ended up in El Arco for the night. We attended mass in a beautiful church after a dinner of paella with pastries for desert.

The monastery at Irache
The fountain at Irache dispenses FREE wine. Tempting…
Translation if you want to arrive at Santiago with force and vitality of this great wine take a shot and toast for your happiness.
Monastery close up
Really impressive inside. Huge ceilings.
Most of the day was in the Forrest on the old Camino
Castillo de San Esteban.
Closer shot of the Castle. It was a good 500 feet up there. Built in the 12th century. How did they do it???
The modern with the old
Ancient ruins dating back to 950ad
Hay fields everywhere.
One last Monastery in the distance

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