Puente La Reina

Puenta La Reina means bridge of the queen. I love how it sounds and it is the bridge I picked as my cover shot on my blog. So I got to see it in person today. This bridge is huge for medieval standards and it is at a town where Charlemagne reportedly stayed after he slayed the moors in the 12th century. A truly impressive bridge that leads to a gate in a walled city with narrow streets.

Today’s walk out of Pamplona was totally different. Ricardo was having trouble with his knees so we larted on the edge of Pamplona. He didnt want to push it and he said he would catch up with me when i took my day off. so I struck out on my own. I headed out into the countryside and up this large hill with loads of wind turbines. Then I went down into a town and took a side trip to this trippy looking octagonal church. I put on some Mumford and Sons that a friend of mine gave me and it was like the music was written for the walk. Then cruised into Puente La Reina in time to go to the town church to pray for Ricardo’s knee. And I just found out he made it!

The Gates Leaving Pamplona
Camino marker
It is cool to follow these markers, like looking for breadcrumbs
Out to the windmills
Pilgrim statue at the top
This marker is almost buried in prayer rocks
Coming into a small town
An Asian dude insisted that he take my picture
This church dates back to the Knights Templar
Cool double masted columns
This floor pattern is something I see alot
Note church on the hill up top, cool pace for a church
Puenta la Reina
The church where I lit the candles for Ricardo

4 thoughts on “Puente La Reina

  1. Wow Dave-buddy. I feel like I’m taking the trip with you (except you’re the one who gets the physical payoff!) So thanks for keeping us in the loop. What a gorgeous countryside you’re seeing up so close…and the history…the people and their customs. I’m beginning to realize that you’re not likley to be the same person when you return…hmmm, that’s a sobering thought. But I look forward to experiencing the Dave C who has been shaped by such a powerful experience. My guess is that we will all be the beneficiaries of your journey. Thanks again for your faithfulness to document the experience for us and Godspeed, my friend! ~ Wes


    1. Wow dude! Thanks for the kind words. I am thinking you will see a slightly improved and slightly more mellow Dave come back. These miles have a way of drumming in patience at a new level. The people without a doubt make the trip. I can’t think of another comparable experience. You would be right at home and maybe one day we can do it together. I am pretty sure I will do this again. Love you bro. Keep in touch, I need your energy.


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