The Cross We Bear

Being on the Camino I can't help but think of the life of Christ and how he had to carry his cross to his death. We all bear some sort of cross. For Ricardo it has been his heavy pack. It is heavy because it contains his computer and his camera so that he can film while on the Camino. He just finished film school at UT and is passionate about his work. It is a bit ironic that that is what is causing his suffering. But he has really been amazing in his resilience and determination.

So what is my cross? I think at this time in my life it is my journey to heal the wounds of a divorce and a broken family. I have been slowly walking through the process of reconciling with my now ex wife. I have been sharing this story along the way with the ladies I have met and I have received many indications that I am on the right path. Sometimes we have to bear our crosses for a long time to see the answer clearly enough to let them go.

Today was another remarkable 22km day. We walked through several nice towns along the way and saw many cool sites below. Feast your eyes on today's bounty and enjoy the Camino with me. Tomorrow we will take a day of rest in Estella and hope to heal our bodies so that we can continue on with a lighter step.

Leaving Puente la Reina

There are gardens everywhere

The city of mañeru

Starting to hit vineyards

A harvesting machine for grapes

Olive trees

The ancient town sign for Cirauqui

Entry gate to the medieval city

Narrow streets

A student project on a hill side

An actual stretch of Roman roads dating back 2000 years

Each town has a map as you enter it, this place is built for walking

Church in Villahuerta

This cool church was at the top of a hill, it is 1000 years old. Woooo!


  1. Thank you for taking us along with you on your journey.



    1. Thanks for coming along!



  2. The humble nature and beauty of your journey humbles me in my daily life, many thanks and prayers for your journey of pilgrimage and discovery of the deeper side of living~Uri



  3. makes me think of the Allman Bros song….Ain’t my cross to bear……but in the opposite sense….what is my cross to bear……what’s really interesting is why do we carry it so long?….thoughts to ponder….love you bro



  4. It’s good to hear that you are connecting with the road and the other pilgrims. Reading your blog has brought back some tender and moving moments on that path. It truly is a magical path, enjoy. Keep the pictures coming!



    1. Thanks Sandra, I can now see why you were so excited that I was doing this. Thanks for all your help to get me here.



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