About – Old

I have been known to travel.  The reason for this seems to be my inability to stop moving.  I plan to use this blog to keep those around me involved in my adventures.  I welcome your comments and hope to connect with you online as well as in person.

I love the outdoors.  I began this love affair with hunting and fishing as a boy with my dad on the Texas coast.  We got out often and experienced the cold, the hot and the mosquitoes.  I eventually discovered that my real purpose was simply to get outdoors and to enjoy nature and experience the spiritual side of life.

Along the way I discovered that I love to create.  I became fascinated with design and bringing products to market.  I love to understand how things work and better yet, to figure out how we work.  I am sure this will take me a lifetime to do, and welcome each day I am given with an enthusiasm to continue on in this journey.

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