Seeing New Things

A couple of my product design buds recommended I do a full mockup of my van interior in cardboard and cheap wood before I get to the business of making the real thing. As in anytime someone suggests something smart to do, that takes extra time, I usually just skip it. But I am learning to trust those friends of mine that I respect and love and follow their advice. And you know what?? They were right! I not only realized that I think in 3D, but I see new things and new way to do things to improve the design. Now I have a good prop to go talk to my metal maker friend and have a new found confidence in what I am building. Creativity lives in reality. Lesson learned, wisdom earned!

3 thoughts on “Seeing New Things

  1. I remember reluctantly being talked into that by Craig when we were immersed in redesigning the sinterstation back in the day. I finally succumbed to hammering together a mock up and the result was more of a buy in with all parties to what we were trying to accomplish. Turned out to be the best decision to move the project forward… Regards,Steve

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    1. Yeah. I reluctantly entered into this as well. I think the aspect of sharing is what appealed the most this time. My how time do change. Glad u commented. I appreciate u!!


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