The Camino Begins Again

The Camino de Santiago is a 8,000 year old pilgrimage route across the northern part of Spain that dates back beyond Christianity and other religions.  It’s history includes the Romans, the Moors (Muslims), and the Christians.  A spiritual path so old it defies imagination.  I walked this 500 mile path back in 2012 and am gearing up for another trek along it this fall.

There is an expression that I learned on my last walk and it is that the Camino begins the day you return from your trip.  Walking the Camino is the way to begin again in life.  I love the metaphor of the journey and the depth that it can take.  So in essence I have come full circle.  I am preparing for another walk, I am beginning the Camino again.

Last time, I was at a transition point between jobs.  I was leaving my five year position at the outdoor backpacking company called Gossamer Gear and I was launching into the unknown.  What was I to do after that sweet gig?  Little did I know what was in store for me.  Since then I have married again, I have become a grandfather, I have helped launch a woodworking cooperative shop called ToolMarks, and I have trained as a health coach.

Yet there is more to come, and I don’t have a clue as to what it will be.  I have many ideas at this point but it is time to start winding them down and drop into explorer mode and see what the world has to offer.  I am planning to write often to stay connected and to share what I have to offer.  I hope to serve you in some small way by giving you a seat in this wide world we live in.  The preparation for the pilgrimage has begun.  Please join me, and let’s walk this road together. 

11 thoughts on “The Camino Begins Again

  1. Beautiful Dave. Thank you for creating yourself as a peaceful and compassionate leader in this world and doing what it takes to bring your best self to everything you are involved in.


    1. Gayle! I want to deeply thank you for your kind words. They absolutely brought a broad smile to my heart this morning! You are an amazing leader in your world as well. May your day bring many little blessings…


  2. Dave, I’m glad to see you writing again and preparing for another Camino. Your walk and your blog were so much an inspiration for me in 2012. Buen Camino.



  3. Great that you are walking the Camino again in Spain but you should consider walking a French portion too. The food is probably MUCH better !! My wife and I started the Chemin de Saint Jacques last September and walked for 14 days. We started at Le Puy en Velay and picked up our passports at the La Cathedrale Notre Dame du Puy. Of the four routes in France, this one is supposedly the most beautiful. An added benefit was that we only encountered three Americans the entire time. There were some English speaking Canadians though. Give it some thought!


  4. I love the opening paragraph in this post. Upon returning from my first major trip this summer, I certainly didn’t feel resolved. Instead, I felt as if another journey was beginning to germinate: the camino was beginning again. I will definitely have to adopt the phrase “the camino begins again.”

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    1. Thanks Josh! I can relate. I am always working on my next journey.

      I love ur site and focus too. Jaguar is my animal spirit and I have a long history with that animal. I look forward to learning more from you as well. Peace…

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  5. Hi, I have just started reading your blog and am enjoying it. I am doing a small portion of the Camino starting 9/23. we leave 9/19 for Madrid. We are walking from Sarria to Santiago. This will be a small taste and maybe satisfy my curiosity about The Way. We will see. Maybe I will be back. I am going to try to blog about it too. Not quite set up yet 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for the note. That is exciting you will be on the Camino soon. I will follow you if u do blog. We leave for Madrid on 9/7 and start on 9/14. Follow along and u will see more. Buen Camino my new friend.

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