Blue Dot

We are on our way out of the alps and heading to the trade show but that will take a couple of days.  So in the mean time I thought I would break down our trip in the alps each day so you can get a flavor of the trip as it unfolded. 

The first day we went from Les Houches to a refuge just south of Les Contamine. I only took a few pictures because, well, I got us lost. I missed a turn and we ended up on a pretty busy road.  I was deep in trying to figure out how too get back on the TMB, so I pulled out my phone and starter to use that magical blue dot to navigate by. Grant started calling me blue dot and suggested that be my trail name. Well it looks like after almost ten years of backpacking with Grant I finally have a trail name, blue dot. 

Enjoy the pics for the day! And thanks for coming along. 

a shot out of our hotel room in Les Houches
church in Les Houches
more Les Houches
more Les Houches
yes the cows really do wear bells
a refugio aling the way
a church south of Le Contamines
inside the church

our refuge for the night

4 thoughts on “Blue Dot

  1. Thank you for allowing me to come along for the ride, Dave! I am David McMillan’s cousin who started following your blog when you did the Camino de Santiago. You take beautiful pictures and have very interesting and insightful commentary.


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