The Camino Begins Again

So early on in the first week I met a German named Peter. He had done the Camino several times and said something that stuck with me all during the trip. He told me that the Camino doesn't begin until I get home. The idea is that we really have to take home all the great things we experienced and share them with the ones we love and care about. That the real purpose of doing the Camino is to bring home and implement all the wonderful things we learned so that we have not walked in vain. I like that. I am just now starting again. I am in Madrid and I get on a plane tomorrow to get back to Austin. I'm so ready! Here are a few pics from the last day in Santiago to share.

The daily posts will fade away for now, but I am sure you will continue to hear from me as the mood hits. I want to thank everybody that has followed my posts from the bottom of my heart with a true Camino hug. You all really helped make this a journey of a lifetime. Hasta luego mis amigos!


12 thoughts on “The Camino Begins Again

  1. I have immensely enjoyed your adventure through your photos and words. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with all of your readers. Can’t wait to see you in person.


  2. Congratulations on going the distance. I may hold controversial views on El Camino, but I celebrate anyone who completes it!


    1. Thanks Francis. I appreciate it and I now have a much greater appreciation to all your accomplishments as well. Going the distance requires alot and you certainly understand that really well. And besides, what is life without a little controversy? Take care my friend.


  3. On Oct 24, 2012 my husband and I walked into Santiago after starting in SJPDP on Sept 21. I had never done anything like this and knew on the first day I had not properly prepared for the 500 miles in front of us. I walked the Camino, my husband strolled (he is fantasticly fit for 68). I tip my hat to anyone at any age who walks and completes the Camino. With knees and feet still healing we are already thinking of our next walking trek! What a way to embrace retirement.


    1. Yes it is a worthy accomplishment for anybody who is fortunate enough to make it the whole way. Congrats PJ! I look forward to another try sometime in the future. Thanks for the note.


    2. PJ, this is such a synchronicity! I had just retired before beginning the Camino for the first time in SJPDP with my 68 yr old very physically fit husband on September 21′ 2012. We finished on my 59th birthday on Oct 24th. I vowed then I would use this year to condition so that next year when we walk again, my feet and knees will not have so much weight to carry, and I will be able to keep up with Michael, my husband. We’re planning to start a bit earlier in September in 2013. Would you like you correspond?


  4. Hello again Dave! Congratulations on your accomplishment! It was fun to follow along with you on your journey. A friend and I want to know if we can pick your brain about your adventure. Welcome home!


  5. Well done Dave! no truer words have been spoken – if you can’t apply what you have learned from the reflections on the Camino, it will have been in vain! It has been over a month and a half since my journey – I am not sure it has all sunk in. Fascinating to have been reading the journey of another shortly after my own….it takes me back and enables me to look differently on some of the same, yet different, experiences!
    On the trails of life…Buen Camino!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Anita. I am with you, my experience is still sinking in. I came back with a bit slower more deliberate look on my life and I am enjoying the change. I enjoyed reading your blog as well and consider you one of my guides in life. I hope your next adventure is as good as this one. Buen Camino!


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