Fall Is In The Air

Today we walked along a ancient little canal. Fall colors were in today. We are walking though the flatlands so only a town here and there. We continued to stop in the churches and pray. That feels like my purpose these days. It is hard to resist saying a prayer and lighting a candle when the opportunities present themselves.

Ricardo, Natalie, and I continue to be a trio but we run into the larger group on a regular basis throughout the day. We had a communal meal tonight at the albergue. The Italian guys wanted to cook us pasta. The nuns sang grace. It was a beautiful meal.

Afterwards we went to pilgrims mass. There was a particularly sweet blessing at the end of the service. I counted eight different nationalities there. The priest took time to bless us individually at the end. The nuns gave us a small paper star and told us the story behind it. I was touched and I feel blessed as I get ready for rest.


The pilgrim haven we stayed at last night. The host was really accommodating
A unique church along the way. Lit Five candles in here for my family of origin

We saw lots of dirt today
The church where we had mass tonight


4 thoughts on “Fall Is In The Air

  1. Hi Dave,

    Seeing these familiar roads, paths and churches is stirring my soul. I am so happy that you are taking so much good from this experience. You can probably see why I was so excited for you when I heard you decided to walk the Camino.

    Buen Camino!


  2. Hi Dave! Such great stories and photos. I found you through my friend Rob, who knows your buddy James. My momma has always wanted to do this and we’re doing it next year. We are slowly making our plans, but I would love to pick your brain upon your return.
    Buen Camino!



    1. Hi Erica, thanks for the note. I am really happy you are thinking of doing this and would be honored to help you in any way. Feel free to contact me to discuss any time. Thanks for coming along!


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