We made it into Burgos which is a pretty good size town with a lot to see. We plan to take an extra day to rest and check out the sights. Today was a walk in the park so to speak. We started a bit late and found a panaderia that was exceptional. We had a huge dark chocolate croissant and an empenada con jamon y queso that was to die for. It rained a bit and was chilly this morning but the sun came out and it turned into a nice day. We strolled through some small towns then along an urban landscape and down along a very nice river walk with huge trees lining it all the way. Now it’s time to explore. I will post some pics of Burgos tomorrow.

Casa rural wher we were last night

Many parallel paths at the top

By the cross up top, cn you tell it’s chilly 🙂

Another huge vortex, I walked this one for you bro

At the outskirts of Burgos

Urban hiking

The last two miles were along the river. Very nice reminded me of town lake.

  1. very cool…looks cooler than what I thought it might be…..I had a random thought yesterday….do you go through more than one pair of shoes on this journey and if yes….do you pack them or buy them….if no are your shoes pretty worn out.???? lets you have a peak into my mind…..thanks for walking the vortex by the way…intention, attention, and awareness….keep truckin bro….love your blogs….



    1. Well there are two schools of thought on that. Shoes last either 250 or 500 miles. So, since I didn’t want to carry an extra pair I chose to test the 500 mile theory. I am sure I will be retiring these guys after this trip. I can always buy another pair along the way if I have to. Thanks bro for coming along with me. Love you.



  2. Wow! Must be cool to be in a proper town, with plumbing and roads and stuff!



    1. It is bro! Back out tomorrow for a week of truckin. Thanks for the note!



  3. The longing never ceases in witnessing your amazing journey that will turn into action in my short bucket list for the future. Enjoy your resting days.



    1. Yep and you can rest assured you will have a buddy coming along with you on his return trip. Peace.



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