No Bull Here

I made it into Pamplona today. This is where they run with the bulls during a holiday called San Fermin. Since that festival was in July, there were no bulls in the streets. But it was a Saturday night and the whole city was alive! There was a festival going on that was some sort of multicultural display with all sorts of processions with costumes. Pamplona is an ancient city with a modern flair, boysterous and full of energy.

Today’s walk was about the same length as yesterday’s. We walked about 22km (14 mi) and there seem to be a whole new set of body reminders that we don’t walk this much normally. For the most part today was about knees. Ricardo hit his wall and will probably only walk a part day tomorrow. I think I am good to go so onward. Here are some pictures from the day for you to enjoy.

It’s not all bucolic countryside
Ricardo, Dave, and Emily, our wing woman for the jday
Not Just prayers on this marker
Modern day sheepherder, note he is talking on his cel phone
On the outskirts of Pamplona
The walls of Pamplona
Through these gates have passed millions of pilgrims
Allbergue where Ricardo and Emily stayed
Albergue (hostel) sign in six languages
Where I ate dinner on the plaza
And more costumes
Another ancient church with an amazing interior

9 thoughts on “No Bull Here

    1. Thanks bro! Today I found my heart. I sat with a lady from Germany and told her my life story and she told me hers. There is a lot of that going on here. Pretty cool adventure so far. I can only imagine what lies ahead. Today was spectacular. Check out the pics when it posts a little later.


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