Up and Over

Well today should be called up and up and up and up… You get the idea. It was a totally uphill hike for about 6 hours followed by an hour of down hill. It is billed as one of the toughest days on the Camino Frances and it did not disappoint. Both Ricardo and I agree that it wasn't quite as tough as we feared, but we are both going to sleep really good tonight.

The hike took us up high in the Pyranees over an ancient route that Napolean took. It was a scenic walk through the heart of Basque territory where the sheep out number the basques by a large majority. We saw really cute small horses, sheep, very large birds of prey, and a lot of green green pastures. We ended up the day in Roncesvalles and had our first pilgrims dinner. A dinner served community style where I could hear at least four different languages being spoken where I was sitting. We ended up by going to Mass in a 400 year old church, where we were given the pilgrims blessing at the end. I do feel really blessed in this moment. Tomorrow onto Zubiri.

Signs Along the Way
On the Way Up


Lots of Sheep Everywhere


Cross at the Top


Ricardo and me at the Spain Border


Coming down into Roncesvalles


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