I am a bit of a travel junkie. I would describe myself as kind, tolerant, spiritual and flawed. The last few years I have been traveling during the summers and pursuing my new passion of being a wood worker and furniture maker during the balance of the year. I love small business and am currently a founder of a community shop called ToolMarks ATX to help furniture makers connect and work together .   My most current endevour is getting certified as a health coach.  I love the intersection of health, happiness, science and spirituality.  I haven’t figured out where this will take me yet, but I do love the path I am on.

I have two grown sons that live in Austin that I love to see as often as they want to be seen. I have recently become a grandfather and am opening up a new chapter in life.  I treasure family time as one of the most sacred times there is in my life. I have a wide circle of men friends that help support me through the struggles I have had in life and beautifully vibrant wife that is by biggest supporter.  I have found that giving is as important as receiving and love to be part of the circle of service.

Favorite hot spots

I love Austin. There are so many nice places to eat, so much nature to enjoy, and so much weirdness to be a part of.  Some of my favs, are Zilker Park, Barton Springs, the Greenbelt, downtown, SoCo, and other south Austin locales.

For fun

It kinda depends here. I love to be active for a while followed by a day or two of rest when I am drained. When I am in active mode I love to get out and about, be creative, and learn new things. When I am resting I love to read and watch movies.