Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route in Northern Spain.  Since 800AD, millions of pilgrims have traveled this route to reach Santiago de Compestella where the remains of the Apostle St. James are reportedly buried.  I walked this route in October and November of 2012.  It literally changed my life!  I hope to do it in the not too distant future to keep that change a comin’.


11 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago

  1. Will be very interested in your insights! I have been walking since September and have learnt a thing or two about me, my gear and the things I would have done differently! Need a guinea pig for some future equipment – let me know! 20+ days of walking and I have a fairly good idea on what I would love to have in my dream backpack!


      1. Sure thing Dave! Have some posts coming up with some nice places to stay if you need a break from the crazy of the municipal hostels. While I planned on taking a private room once a week, sometimes I end up with a few more. I have also taken semi-privates with people I have met along the way – a nice break from the 12+ people rooms and a chance to re-organize my things! Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.


    1. Thank Anita. You know I am taking a less traditional route and hotelling it all the way. I am working with a company called Frontier Holidays. A really nice brit runs it and has booked me a room every night along the way. I wanted to be able to take my time during the day and not get in the rush to the next bed madness. I certainly admire you for giving it a go! Let’s keep in touch. I am always interested in places to see and great eateries along the way. Glad to have a scout on my team now. Thanks again Anita. 🙂


  2. Dave, you are Definitely the man. I wish to the best of luck on your journey. My thoughts, prayers and wishes for good health along the way are with you.


  3. Walkin’ with ya my brother! Looking forward to hearing the tales of the funny and the spiritual when you return…maybe a few along the way. Grateful for the emotional journey you guys facilitated for me last week…I feel lighter every day. God is good….much love, my brother. Onward…thru the fog!


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