Banff And Beyond

We arrived in Calgary a few days back and are here to explore the Canadian Rockies and it looks like I have been fooling myself all these years.  I was under the impression that Rockies are Rockies and why go all the way to Canada  when I can see them in Colorado.  WRONGOO!!  I have been missing something special and I am glad I have awakened to the fact that all Rockies are not created equal.

We started out our trip driving through Banff to get to our destination of Golden, British Columbia.  A sweet little town tucked away in a valley that has six national parks within an hours drive.  We stopped for the proverbial cover shot as we waited our turn to take our picture on the big Banff sign on the way into town.  Each family took the picture of the one in front of it and we immediately felt connected.  We went into downtown Banff to walk around and it was a beut!  Lots of cafes, shops and of course tourists.

Downtown Banff

We then took a spin on a local trail and found an amazing spot to overlook the river running through Banff and see the waterfalls along with it.

River Running Through Banff

After that we drove into Golden to and found our stay at a cool little place we found on AirBnB.  It was our first experience in a tiny home.  I was pretty cool and as it turned out the ultimate experience in Glamping.  Because that night, a massive windstorm came up and created a widespread power outage.  It took three days before power was restored in our tiny hamlet.  A nice side benefit to no power was that we got to know our hosts REALLY well and we loved the warmth we felt as a result.

The next day we headed off to Glacier National Park and hiked up to where the runoff from one of the glaciers created a massive waterfall which turned into the river.  We hiked up to a good vantage point and headed back down.  It was our first experience hiking in the steep terrain that brought over Swiss Guides in the 1920s to help settle the area.

Make sure to click and enlarge the below picture especially to get the full effect of the Canadian Rockies brought to you virtually.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

The next day we a local hike to Canyon Creek Trail to get another workout.

Canyon Creek Trail

The next day we were off to the local ski slopes turned mountain biker and hiker haven.   We took a gondola ride to the top and ended up ridge walking for most of the day, finishing it off with an amazing sandwich and fries at the end.

Gondola ride at Kicking Horse Lodge
Top of Kicking Horse Hiking Area
Lichen and flowers make their own beauty

And yesterday we ended up starting to explore  Yoho National park and the gem of the trip was a 2 hour stroll around the most beautiful emerald green lake we have ever seen.

Emerald Lake Lodge

And on another hike in Yoho National Park we found this roaring waterfalls.

And now comes the day of rest we both so desperately needed after seven days of constant traveling.  More to come soon and I hope you enjoyed what we have shared so far.  Thanks for coming along!!


10 thoughts on “Banff And Beyond

  1. Hi Dave,

    I have been following your blog since your first Camino trip, which inspired my own. I am David McMillan’s cousin Patricia. By coincidence, I also flew to Calgary in June and stayed in Banff and Golden. It was spectacular! I loved Glacier National Park. Your pictures are terrific – especially the one of Emerald Lake. There was a wedding party doing a photo shoot in canoes when we were there! Thanks for sharing your travels- Buen Camino!


    1. Hi Patricia!! Yes, thanks for reaching out, great to hear from you. I know David has Canadian roots. How bout you??

      Sounds like we travel in similar circles. I am glad you were able to do the Camino. I am doing it again this coming year so stay tuned to see what round two looks like. It will be different as I am taking a slower approach.

      Emerald Lake was amazing, there was a wedding party there too, they were at the natural bridge nearby getting some shots. Thanks for coming along. Keep in touch!


  2. My friend pat just commented. we spent 5 days going from Banff to vancouver. I did not know there was so much to see beyond the grand vistas. we could have easily spent 2 weeks. Don’t know if she will want to travel with me again tho. LoL.


    1. Hi Donna! Yes I think I could stay a month in this area and just maybe see it all. Well if Pat doesn’t want to travel with you, just come along with us! ;). Take care and thanks for the note. I enjoyed it!


  3. Wow! I’ve been wanting to go to Banff. Thinking next year. Maybe sooner after seeing these pictures and reading your description.


    1. Yes, don’t hesitate on this one. Would recommend staying in Golden too if you head this way. the park can get a little crazy. Thanks for the note Mike. I hope you are doing well!


    1. It is well worth the trip, make sure to spend equal time in Jasper National Park, it is even more stunning than Banff. Thanks for the nice note, happy travels to you as well!!!


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