Timeless Geneva

This is my get to know Switzerland quick plan. I have landed in Geneva and spent today walking around, tomorrow I am hitting Lucerne and then Bern for a day. Then back to Geneva to meet up with my buddy Grant from Gossamer Gear to head to Chamonix to start on the Tour du Mont Blanc. 
Geneva is the city of time and also happens to be home of Rolex corporate headquarters. I have had a love affair with Rolex since I was a witty bitty boy.  My dad had one and I coveted that watch for years. I was given one for a college graduation present and I LOVED it practically more than any other possession I have  ever had.  Sadly, that watch was stolen a couple years ago which means that I can go watch shopping!  Couldn’t think of a better place to do that than here. Can I hear an amen??  


skyline from old town
lots of sidewalk cafes and restaurants
lake front boulevard
lots of fountains
le jet water fountain. has been a landmark since the 1880s
lake front lined with beatiful hotela
would be europ without a pretty church or three

6 thoughts on “Timeless Geneva

  1. Thanks for bringing us along on yet another show stopping tour. I really appreciate being able to ride virtual shotgun on how you describe all your awesome travels. And I want to see pics of the Rolex and look forward to hear about the choosing process of the one you pick. God speed in all your travels Dave and we’ll be swimming in cool Barton creek while your away.


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