My First Piece of Furniture

To say I am excited would be an understatement.  I have been slowly learning to work with wood over the last six months and I have just gone and done what is the equivalent of jumping into the deep end.  I enrolled and just started a class in Connecticut to build my dining room table.  Not just any ole table, but the one I thought I could never even start.  I first saw this table on the cover of Fine Woodworking Magazine two years ago.  It was the feature article written by Mike Pekovich, the Art Director of the magazine.  It was classic Arts and Crafts with large thru tenons and mortise design.  I really like the Arts and Crafts style and I really like Mike Pekovich’s take on it.

So Sal gave me a block plane for Christmas and in it was a card on this wood working school called the Connecticut Valley Woodworking School.  I started to look around at their offerings and LO and BEHOLD there was this class to make this table taught by none other that THA MAN himself.  WOOOO!!!  Gotta say it took me about 5 minutes to call up and put a deposit down on it and it has finally arrived.

Today was my first day in the class so I thought I would share a few pictures and some along the way of how this table is going together.  One of the coolest things about this is that pretty soon I can invite you over for dinner and we can have a meal on this piece.  Yeah, what’f fo supper?

Hayrake Table
Hayrake Table
Hayrake Shot-12
Top boards arranged, cut to width, and jointed
Hayrake Shot-6
Doing the glue up of the top.
Hayrake Shot-7
Cutting Leg to Length
Hayrake Shot-13
Legs Cut to Length
Legs marked and ready to cut in the morning
Legs marked and ready to cut in the morning
Hayrake Shot-16
Homework for tomorrow, find out what each of these does. Hehehe…
Hayrake Shot-18
Shot of the Shop

5 thoughts on “My First Piece of Furniture

  1. Wow – can’t wait to see the finished project! You’re inspiring to all of us to reach out and pursue our passions.


  2. You are the man! When you get back to Austin you can go to Joe Carr’s EcoSchool and teach his kids to make one, then they can Austin it to raise money for their school.


  3. Dave this looks so cool!!! This seems pretty exciting & I love the fact that you’re doing this. Tell me where in Connecticut are you???? You won’t believe it but I am here also on a business trip for Rick. Wonder if we’re close enough to meet for dinner or something???? We are in Westbrook & will be here till Saturday.


    1. What a coincidence, huh? I am in Manchester, about an hour away. Thanks, but I think I will pass on dinner. I am pretty wooped at the end of each day. They keep us cracking all day long. Lots of fun though! What you doing for fun?


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