Santiago de Compestella – We Made It!

We all started off today together. Everybody wanting to walk into Santiago as a group. We gathered up at the first cafe we ran across and took this group picture. Somebody pointed out there were twelve us us. Nothing lost on the significance there! There was lots of talk of how we felt, what we remembered along the wayand there was a touch of sadness knowing that it would be our last day of the walk. We marveled at how we were all finishing together. Everybody just carried this happy glow of accomplishment with them. We stopped on the outskirts of Santiago to have our ceremonial last coffee break, and we pressed on. We reached the cathedral at about 3:30 and stood there hugging and sobbing. We went in the Cathedral and did all the ceremonial things, and went onto the Pilgrim’s office to get our Compestela. It was official, we all finished! Then it was on to clean up and go out to our dinner of celebration. We ate and talked and eventually faded back to our rooms to rest knowing we have done what we came here to do.

The Group Pic
Lets head out!
A huge sculpture on the hill overlooking Santiago
Anita resting before the final push. Gives you an idea of how big that monument is.
Wack sculpture garden on the way in
Head nod to the Templario Perigrinos.
At the entrance to the city is a replica of the handprint in the cathedral where millions of pilgrims have formed it in a marble pillar.
Te rest of that monument
Almost there!
The money shot
The Compestella. Our names are in Latin.
Tapas to start out with, and Paella for dinner

18 thoughts on “Santiago de Compestella – We Made It!

  1. Congrats, well done! I followed you all along the camino and was very touched by your experience. I learned about your trip thru gossamer newsletter, when I started my search for gear. I am from Brazil and will be walking the camino next May. Thanks for sharing all these great experience with us. Malu


  2. What a moving and beautiful journey. It has been inspiring to “watch” and participate from afar, although your “journal” and many beautiful photos have kept it close to my heart. My most heartfelt congratulations and a hearty “well-done”! ¡Vaya con dios mi amigo!


  3. Muchas felicitaciones Dave! Tu tienes éxito! I am planning to walk the Camino next June and your blog has made my dream come alive for me – thank you so much for sharing your journey!


  4. wow Dave…that is so awesome and I am so happy for you, like Alison said, thanks for taking me along with you….I am really touched by your journey and your accomplishments and look at all the friends you made that you will be connected to forever… you bro


  5. Your journeys in life continue to be enriched by the experience of the journey. I look forward to the adventurous story told over more time on different trails with you. And I have heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to you for carrying my magnet to the highest point on the camino, as my quest has now begin to discover how my time on the camino will manifest to retrieve it. Thanks for all your time to post and bring us along with you.


  6. Congrats Dave. I too am sad to see your journey end, as I really enjoyed the daily update, story’s and wonderful pictures. Living vicariously through your journey! Best Regards! Ira


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