Portomarin – Are We Ever Really Solo?

Today was another start in the rain and it was my very first day hiking solo. Well, that is if you can call hiking on the Camino by yourself solo. I took off thinking I would eventually run into the tribe, but I never saw them along the way. It is kind of ironic that I came thinking I was going at this alone and it is almost the end and this is the first day I did actually do it. It was really nice and peaceful. So much so that I didn't even want to turn on the iPod for some music. Of course, I met another few people along the way and discovered a few more interesting stories. I guess on this journey I will never really ever be alone. I always have somebody to talk to or I will just enjoy the company of my God. I find that He is always there to talk to.

More green tunnel. Huge chestnut trees.
Buildings like this at every turn now
Pilgrims in green
Tiny church alon the way

Baby sheep everywhere. Can you spot the black one?

Wow, what is that bright light in the sky?
The stairs into town
The castle like church
Three guesses, which way is he pointing?


3 thoughts on “Portomarin – Are We Ever Really Solo?

  1. hey bro….you are right we are never alone…..Today Houston time November 5…..3 years ago this morning Mom crossed over…..feel her presence to day and I am sure she is on your journey every day……she is for me…..love you bro…..keep truckin


  2. I look forward to your daily email. The photos are great and I’m surprised that Galicia is so green. I’ve been to the coast of northern Spain but not in this internal area. This will be a journey that will always be with you.

    Your comments about hiking alone are interesting. I’ve been backpacking for over 20 years and always went with a group for the first dozen years or so. Then it came a time when I could go and the other people couldn’t so I just decided to go by myself. It was magical for me to experience the solitude for a number of days;only thoughts to contend with and introspection. Now I almost prefer to hike alone unless I’m with someone exceptional. Otherwise it’s just noise.. I’m an atheist but maybe I arrived at a similar moment with a different philosophy or perspective.


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