More of Burgos

Ok, Ricardo and I have only hit two places and we are overwhelmed. We went to the cathedral yesterday. It took us two hours to tour it and we could have taken four easy. It represents 800 years of continuous additions and renovations. There are at least a dozen chapels inside along with the main central church. The pictures below is just a sampling of what we saw. This alone is worth a trip to Burgos.

And then there is the Museum of Evolution. Since Atapuerca is so close by, they recently built and finished this amazing museum. It is huge, modern, and the displays combine film, audio, and model making in unique ways to display to put in perspective 3 million years of human evolution. I left there blown away and with a completely new understanding of how and why we have developed as a species. I was extremely grateful that they had all the displays in English as well as Spanish. This alone is worth a trip to Burgos

Now it is nap time to build strength for tomorrow's long day. Hasta luego!

Front of cathedral

It took me a long time to soak this one in
Stairs to the side door
Main dome
Main altar, absolutely massive
Choir area with intricately carved wooden everything
Stone reliefs one of many
They had a whole room of items like this
I want one!
Rio Arlanzón
Museum of Evolution
Inside shot from top floor
Fountain with wild patterns
El Cid, he is big in these parts


6 thoughts on “More of Burgos

  1. So, I am curious – what camera are you using for all of these fabulous photos. Knowing you travel light, I can’t imagine you are carrying a big SLR? They really are wonderful photos!


    1. Thanks for the compliment. I am using a canon s100. Best little camera I have ever had. A friend of mine had one and I liked it so much I got it just for this trip. It is small but it takes great pics.


  2. nice stuff Dave….I got that same feeling when I went to France and went through all the cathedrals…..especially Notre Dame… was surreal that anybody could make this …..keep truckin buddy…..had a nice talk with Dad and he told me you called him…very cool..I am keeping him abreast when we talk and going to have lunch with him next week and will print out some of your stuff to take him


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