Use Less Give Away More

On the Camino one thing that has really struck me is how much people offer other people their food. If you pull up to talk to somebody and they are munching on something they will almost always offer you some of it. This carries over into the albergues when somebody is cooking a meal, they will insist you eat some. I guess this kinds goes against my stingy nature. When I only have a few of something I really like, I tend to hoard it. So I am practicing out here giving away what I like the best. I am finding that it feels really good and I had a realization today. I just need to use less of what I like so I can give away more. Wow, what a concept!

Today was about as long as yesterday but there was. Really stiff headwind and it was a bit chilly, so it was a bit more taxing. The scenery opened up quite a bit and we could see way off into the distance into rolling hills. We went through 4 small towns along the way, so it never seemed long before we hit the next town. We stopped in most of them to munch on the amazing bread and cookies we got in the bakery from heaven. In one of them the church was open so we went in and prayed and lit some candles. We got in plenty early to miss the big storms that rolled in around 4. Nice to have a roof over our head tonight. I am very grateful.

The tower and cathedral in Santo Domingo De Calzada

The inside was massive

Front of cathedral

Stone work was phenomenal

Original clock works

From the top of the tower

The sunrise this morning

Cathedral in the first town this morning

The bakery from heaven

Billboards on the Camino

Big sign welcoming us into the province of Castilla y Leon

Gardens along the way

Ricardo powering into the wind

Church in last little town

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    1. Hey bro! Spent the weekend with our Austin Men @ Johns Ranch. Fantastic…but we missed you for sure! I am enjoying your ‘trip of a lifetime’ as you share it with us. Love, love, love the stories! Thank you for taking the time. And who wouldda thunk Jesus was a Carpenter AND a Baker??? Amazing! Travel safely and full of curiosity my friend. Love you! ~ Wes



      1. Thanks for the love. All is good. Finished a nice long day. Walked through several cool old, old towns. It just keeps getting more relaxed. The pace of life here is at the speed of peace. I will continue to tell my tales along the way. Kind of therapeutic. Lots of love back at ya.


  2. Patricia Montpetit October 15, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Your photos are beautiful – thank you! I am so enjoying your blog!



    1. Thanks for the kind words Patricia. 🙂



  3. great new realizations brother Dave….less is more….open focus…live in the paradox and be the change……love you and am so happy you are on your journey… are a warrior brother….love you and peace



    1. Thanks for your encouragement and insights. I love having you along.



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