I Am Walking Somewhere

Yesterday I had a thought I hadn't had before. The odd thing abut the thought was that I should have had it a long time ago. I had the thought that I was actually walking somewhere. I wasn't just getting up in the morning, making sure to get a good breakfast and heading to the next town. No, this is the idea that I am walking some place way, way in the distance. Someplace that is very holy. Someplace I won't get very soon.It strikes me that I often live life like this. I wake up worrying what I have to do that day without thinking too much of where I am really heading. I really like this new outlook. I am headed to some place far, far away, with a purpose. And I am in no hurry to get there. How bout you? Where are you headed today?

Today was my easiest day yet. Don't get me wrong, I am still tired and my feet are still sore, but it wasn't a struggle. We walked 21km through Azofra and Ciracueña to reach Santo Domingo de Calzada. Another very historical town that goes way back to the Middle Ages. We mainly walked through vineyards but also just hit some very open stretches. The weather was perfect for walking and we saw many families out as it is a national holiday. We ended the day by taking a tour of the tower and cathedral. I will post those pictures tomorrow but let's just say for now it was the most impressive and awe inspiring cathedral I have seen on the trip thus far.


Taking out when the sun is coming up, my favorite time of the day
Sun rising
Harvesting the grapes

This is a marker way out in the middle of nowhere dating back a really long time
Ricardo and our French friend Martin
We rested by the hay stacks and took a nap, priceless!
Had to get a picture of this, never seen this sign before
Lots of metal sculpture here
Some stretches are really loooong
Coming into Santo Domingo De Calzado



6 thoughts on “I Am Walking Somewhere

  1. good morning bro…..its sunday morning texas time and I just read your blog…your writing is really improving each time you put pen to paper…..interestingly enough the paradox to where I’m walking is that its never about the destination….its the journey…..and you seem really present to that……like taking a nap on a hay stack in the middle of Spain…..rich….love you bro


  2. Sitting here in San Diego with coffee and the weekend Wall Street Journal, but would trade places with you in a heartbeat. Your entry got me thinking; it’s too easy for me to get caught up in the daily to do list, and not think about how today fits into that far-off destination.


    1. It is an odd dichotomy of life. How to stay present and be mindful at the same time. Thanks for the note and coffee in San Diego pretty sweet too. It’s all relative. As me about the hail storm I almost got caught in. I might have been ready to trade places with you in a heartbeat. Peace my friend.


  3. Profound thought, my friend. This is the constant pull of humanity. There is a larger destiny or purpose that has me wake each day and get in action. Being present in the actions I take is given by that larger destiny, although I often don’t see the connection. The only way to stay on the path is to stay present in each moment. Thank you for sharing your journey in your writings and pictures.


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