Its’s So Chill in Estella

Estella is an ancient town that dates back to the early days of the Camino. Stories of the Knights of Navarre and pilgrims go back to the year 1000AD. There are numerous old churches and a narrow Main Street filled with all sorts of shops. Today was our first down day since we started walking. I slept way later than I thought I would. When I finally did get out around 11 in the morning, I went down to the tourism office and got a walking map of the town. Ricardo messaged me that he was going to take it 'super chill' so I was on my own. It was interesting to spend the day experiencing the town and the rhythm of life here. And let me tell you, it is really, really relaxed.

It seems that the whole world is at the pace of a relaxed walk. There were lots of people just talking and walking. The town had a burst of energy in the morning and then in the afternoon it went totally quiet at siesta time. All the shops closed and there was hardly anybody in the streets or restaurants. Then it picked up in the evening with another burst of energy when all the children came out in the squares and played. Even the kids were relaxed.

Natalie showed up this afternoon with a new Camino buddy, Peter from Germany. Ricardo, Peter, Natalie, and I had dinner together, we talked for several hours and then headed in for an early bed to get rested for some more walking tomorrow. It is hard to describe how relaxed the day was. All I can say is it was soooo chill!

I started out the day in here praying and lighting three candles for myself and my two brothers
Lots of skinny little side alleys
The town is based around this river
Medieval Bridge into Main Street
Inglesia San Pedro
Hunting and fishing is alive and well
So is skateboarding
Lunch, yuuum!
Lunch spot
From my seat at dinner


12 thoughts on “Its’s So Chill in Estella

  1. Hola David! I am a cousin of David McMillan and am really enjoying following your blog. I am planning to walk on the Camino next June and reading about your experiences and seeing you wonderful photos is getting me very excited about our trip! Thank you for sharing your pilgrimage! Bueno camino! – Patricia Montpetit


    1. Hola Patricia. You have a wondrous adventure ahead of you. Let me know if I can help with your Camino experience. I will help in any way I can. Buen Camino to you as well.


  2. Sounds like you all are having an incredible journey. Again safe travels to all. Seeing your picture of the Coke, I was reminded of a book Ashley read for school which I am starting to read. It is “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” it is about how six drinks changed the world and one of their analogies was something like this – A billion hours ago, humans first appeared on earth. A billion minutes ago, Christianity emerged. A billion seconds ago, the beetles influenced music. And a billion coca-colas ago was yesterday morning. Enjoy! Chaille


  3. Dave, Thanks for taking us along on the Camino. I’m looking forward to your post and photos every day. Blessings.

    Dave Scholes


  4. awesome brother….thanks for lighting the candle for me….I always need more light….this is so awesome Dave and it is so YOU…..good work on following your dreams…..keep truckin….I’ll keep reading….love you bro


    1. Yeah bro, we all do. We went to a service last night in an old church. At the end of the service we received the pilgrims blessing. Still brings me to tears. There can never be too many blessings. I will keep praying for us all. That is what brought me here and that is what will carry me through. Lots of love bro.


  5. It has been really cool, seeing all these pictures. I save one as my computer wallpaper each day, and feel like I am experiencing it too.


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