I Pray for You

There is a tradition on the Camino about prayer and rocks. What you are supposed to do is to pick up a rock and give it a prayer and carry it for a while. Then you deposit it on a marker or some other appropriate spot. So we passed a lot of markers today with lots and lots of small rocks on them. To imagine that each one of these little rocks carried a prayer was a bit overwhelming at times.

So I got with the program and started to deposit a few of my own. Today I prayed for all those that helped support me to get here. You all have been the best. May you all have happy and fulfilling lives.

Today we walked about 14 miles over about eight hours. Stopped for coffee in the morning, fresh fruit and baguets for lunch, and a coke on the mountain top. Now this is the kind of hiking I have been dreaming about. Here are some shots from the day for you to enjoy.

At the most photographed spot on the Camino

A view of the Camino
Pilgrims playing a game called ninja at the square we took out lunch break
A sundial on the building in the square
A typical advertisement for dinner entering Zubiri
Where Ricardo is staying
The medieval bridge at Zubiri
Aaaaahhhhhhh, the end of a long days walk


10 thoughts on “I Pray for You

  1. looking good brother……I am going to print out all your blogs and take them to Dad next week, he will really love that….looks like you are living your dream bro….keep posting, you are doing a great job with that and pics…..love it…


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