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Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit

Well today was all about getting the right fit.  And it was probably the hardest day yet.  We actually only made one piece but it was the most critical piece.  The rest was fine tuning all the joints so it went together at the end.  The thing I really like about this is that at the end of it all, I have to accept my defects knowing that there will be another day and another piece where I can work to make it better.

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Mortise and Tenons

So when I started this class I didn’t know the difference between a mortise and a tenon, seriously.  I knew they went together but I didn’t really know which was which.  So now I know the mortise is the hole and the tenon is the part that protrudes through the hole.  I know this because that is about all we did today.  We made these things and we made them match up and fit like a glove.  We worked the entire day on the bottom structure and as you can see below there are quite a few more features on the part of the table known as the hayrake.  This was truly a day to remember.  My first mortise and tenon.  Hehehe… Read more

Getting in the Groove

Well yesterday did not disappoint.  We were kept moving from the minute we hit the school till the last wood chip was swept up at the end of the day.  We worked on the bottom structure for the most part.  I started out by doing the glue up on my top.  How cool was that!  I had always heard that glue ups were so stressful, but not really.  The tips we learned kept it moving along nicely. Read more

My First Piece of Furniture

To say I am excited would be an understatement.  I have been slowly learning to work with wood over the last six months and I have just gone and done what is the equivalent of jumping into the deep end.  I enrolled and just started a class in Connecticut to build my dining room table.  Not just any ole table, but the one I thought I could never even start.  I first saw this table on the cover of Fine Woodworking Magazine two years ago.  It was the feature article written by Mike Pekovich, the Art Director of the magazine.  It was classic Arts and Crafts with large thru tenons and mortise design.  I really like the Arts and Crafts style and I really like Mike Pekovich’s take on it.

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The Camino Begins Again

So early on in the first week I met a German named Peter. He had done the Camino several times and said something that stuck with me all during the trip. He told me that the Camino doesn't begin until I get home. The idea is that we really have to take home all the great things we experienced and share them with the ones we love and care about. That the real purpose of doing the Camino is to bring home and implement all the wonderful things we learned so that we have not walked in vain. I like that. I am just now starting again. I am in Madrid and I get on a plane tomorrow to get back to Austin. I'm so ready! Here are a few pics from the last day in Santiago to share.

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Santiago de Compestella – We Made It!

We all started off today together. Everybody wanting to walk into Santiago as a group. We gathered up at the first cafe we ran across and took this group picture. Somebody pointed out there were twelve us us. Nothing lost on the significance there! There was lots of talk of how we felt, what we remembered along the wayand there was a touch of sadness knowing that it would be our last day of the walk. We marveled at how we were all finishing together. Everybody just carried this happy glow of accomplishment with them. We stopped on the outskirts of Santiago to have our ceremonial last coffee break, and we pressed on. We reached the cathedral at about 3:30 and stood there hugging and sobbing. We went in the Cathedral and did all the ceremonial things, and went onto the Pilgrim’s office to get our Compestela. It was official, we all finished! Then it was on to clean up and go out to our dinner of celebration. We ate and talked and eventually faded back to our rooms to rest knowing we have done what we came here to do. Read more

Arca – Excitement in the Air

So if you know the ole song “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters, you can hear what is going through my head as I write this. I am absolutely like a kid on the morning before Christmas or a performer before a big show. I am soooooo excited! I have only one more day of walking. The end to this epic trip is in my sights and I can almost taste it. One of the best things about it is that all my Camino family is gonna walk in together tomorrow. So like a band of merry brothas and sistas we head on in. For this I am truly grateful. Read more

Arzua – Almost There

Ok, it is now official. We are almost there. Just a short two days away and another 44 km to go. Heck, we could drive there in less than an hour if we wanted. So everybody is talking about it. Everybody is asking “what’s next?” Some are going to walk to Finnisterre, some are going on to other destinations in Europe and some are just heading home. Some are sad, some are excited and some are just road weary. I myself am so joyful that I have made it this far. I am really excited to be heading home after. But until I get on that plane, I am still oh so excited to be here, enjoying the Camino each and every moment I can. Here is today’s bounty. Enjoy! Read more

Pallas de Rei – Where Are You From?

So the most asked question on the Camino, by far, is “where are you from?” It is a great way to start a conversation and it is amazing how many places people are from out here walking. One surprise to me was for me to discover how many Koreans are out here. Last night we watched a group of Korean kids do a kick-ass concert that included song and an amazing synchronized drumming routine. Read more

Portomarin – Are We Ever Really Solo?

Today was another start in the rain and it was my very first day hiking solo. Well, that is if you can call hiking on the Camino by yourself solo. I took off thinking I would eventually run into the tribe, but I never saw them along the way. It is kind of ironic that I came thinking I was going at this alone and it is almost the end and this is the first day I did actually do it. It was really nice and peaceful. So much so that I didn't even want to turn on the iPod for some music. Of course, I met another few people along the way and discovered a few more interesting stories. I guess on this journey I will never really ever be alone. I always have somebody to talk to or I will just enjoy the company of my God. I find that He is always there to talk to.

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