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The Best Part of the Journey

Four airports, five train stations, many taxis, many, many miles walked and one very glorious sailboat all make up this journey.  Sometimes I wonder why I travel like this.  It feels like I just have to get something out of my system.  It is like a purge.  It is a mission to live life full on.  A mission to see as much as humanly possible every day.  A mission to experience every moment and to be present for every scene as it unfolds.  This is what travel is to me.  Read more


Upon Ben’s recommendation, I stopped at a small town called Paestum. It is the site of the largest and best preserved Greek ruins on the Mediterranean. Let me just start out that the pictures just can’t do something like this justice. The stone temples were massive beyond all my expectations. There is so much stone in each one that it is hard to comprehend how they were built. Add to that, the expanse of the site and the real sense that I was in an ancient city, and not just seeing a few massive temples. And on top of that there is a phenomenal museum there that displays the entire history of the area going back 6000 years. Great call Ben! Read more

Tropea and Goodbye’s

Well our stay in tropea was bitter sweet for me. Sweet because we had a great evening together. We had one of our best dinners on this trip, we also had a chance to watch the opening game of the World Cup. Bitter because it was my last night on the boat. It has been such an honor to hang out with Tom, Ben, and Alden. I really want to thank them all now for having me along and letting me be part of the crew. It has been a real pleasure!

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Today we sailed (er motored) to the island of Stromboli.  This island is the most active volcano in this little group of islands and has a history that goes back the ancient Greeks.  It is know as the oldest lighthouse in the world since it glows red at night and was used by the ancients to navigate at night.

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The Aeolian Islands

So we headed out to the Aeolian Islands.  Ironically, these islands are named after the Greek god Aeolus, the god of wind.  I say ironically, because we haven’t seen a breath of wind since we got here.  But that makes for some very smooth motoring and an opportunity to see some amazing things along the way, like the dolphins below.

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Palermo is for Living

Palermo is full of life.  As I sit here two small italian children are having on the boat on one side of us and on the other there are four italian young men serenading us singing some Beatles songs in harmony.    We arrived last night and went into town for dinner.  We were thinking pizza so asked around and found a nice place.  Had a great meal and came back to chill.

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Landfall, Sicily

So I found out on the way over that Sicily is the home of the mafia.  But no gangsters here.  Just a sleepy little tourist town, thankfully.

So the passage was very easy as passages go.  The wind was strong until sunset but after the sun went down and we cranked up the motor and motored the rest of the way.  It was so smooth today that I would have sworn we were on a lake and not the open ocean.  We did shifts of 2 hours on and 2 off.  So we got our sleep in little naps.  Of course, Ben did more than his share because he is just tha man!

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Buy for now, Cagliari

We are headed toward Palermo in Sicily, but might pull up short in a small village before.  Palermo is a vibrant city so I should be able to post when we get there.   I thought I would throw in a few pics of Cagliari I hadn’t posted yet to fill in the gap. So enjoy. I will be back soon with pics of Sicily. Peace to all.

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Gyrations in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Today we took a test sail. I don’t know if you followed the track, but it was a little wonky. As a matter of fact, Tom got a text from Carol, his girlfriend, at dinner and she said she had been looking at the track and was wondering if we had been drinking. We got a kick out that cause it looked that way on the track for sure!

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Home Sweet Home, For Now

Here are a few pics of the inside of the boat we are on.  I forgot how nice it is to have a room on a sailing boat.  I can put away all my stuff (what little I brought), we can buy all sorts of groceries and store them, we can put things in the fridge and freezer and cook just about any meal.  It is nice.  So we are out for the day and going to test sail today.  Should be interesting to see how our home sails…

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